Welcome to my blog. I’m Kenneth Dunlop, game designer and solo indie dev for Plasma Beam Games.

Every week you can read about what I’m working on. My main game project is Super Space Galaxy, an open-world game that lets you fly wherever you want, when you want.

The first phase of Super Space Galaxy‘s development is complete, which means you can now fly around in solar systems and visit planets. Next up is implementing the content like quests, enemies, and so on. It’s an important time for the game as a lot is going to be decided in this phase. Feel free to add suggestions in the contact form.

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Latest blog posts

Quit button

This week’s project has been something that sounds easy, but, like most jobs in Game Design, is actually harder than it sounds. Ahead of releasing the first ever playable demo of Super Space Galaxy, I’ve finally implemented a way to quit the game without having to use the Alt + F4 shortcut. To begin with,Continue reading “Quit button”


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